Focus: You can't be great without paying attention to the details.

- Peter Gold


Peter Gold

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Frequently Requested Topics

Discover Your Role In the Universe

Mondays. Is getting up on a Monday morning something you dread? What if every day, every hour was something that you were truly energized and excited by? When work is a passion, something that calls you and fulfills you, you are engaged living on purpose. Finding your role in the universe and living that out everyday is not something to aspire to – it’s something you should demand of yourself! Your greatest success can only be realized when you are living in alignment with the role and purpose you were created for. In this session, we will explore how you can get in touch with what this is, and concrete steps to help you move towards living more aligned with this role.

Entrepreneurs Journey: Lessons in Building from Scratch

The journey from professional athlete to entrepreneur has not always been easy. Along the way I’ve met amazing people and discovered invaluable lessons that have allowed me to achieve a level of success and independence that many only dream about. The secret – asking lots of questions, being coachable, and recognizing that you always have more to learn. In this session I’ll share where my inspiration for innovation comes from, my approach to daily discipline as an entrepreneur, and the lessons for success I am still working at mastering each day.

The Secret of My Success: The Five-Letter "F" Word

What is the one the first questions people ask of someone who achieves success .. how did you do it? Whether in school, business, or sports … we look for a “quick fix” to achieve our goals and dreams. In this session I share my secret five-letter word “F”, that when combined with a specific “D” word, can and will accelerate you on your path towards success. Through stories and specific examples you will learn how this combination has allowed me to stand apart from the crowd, and continues to drive my results today as entrepreneur and community leader.

Networking With Purpose – the Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit

New to networking? Don’t like getting out there and meeting people? Building your network and learning how to leverage it are critical skills for the entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out or been in the game for a long time, how you build and use your network can be a game changer. Your network is an extension of your brand – if you learn to use it right! Discovery how to get started, critical do’s and don’ts, and leave with immediate actions you can take right away.results today as entrepreneur and community leader.


  • Julie Solinger
    Hearing Peter speak gave me a glimpse into his passion for life. His hunger and heart for others to succeed gave me a new drive to never give up and always persevere. His ability to get the attention of any audience by helping them believe in themselves and feel accepted as they are allowed a trust to form. He sees a person for who they truly are. Not what society has told them they aren't. Thank You Peter for going against the grain.
    Julie Solinger
  • Reinaldo Jackson
    I believe we all have an obligation to find our purpose and take action on it. Peter is a power speaker who challenges and inspires his audience to dig deep for their purpose, while passing knowledge of how to go from having a vision to getting into action and creating a successful business. He is one of the most humble and caring people I know and this reflected in his speaking as he connects so well with his audience. Anyone or any group looking to be empowered, create a more fulfilling life, and turn their vision into a reality are in amazing hands with Peter Gold.
    Reinaldo Jackson
  • Olenka Cullinan
    Peter Gold is a top notch speaker and a master story teller! He captures the audience immediately and delivers a power-packed message. Peter’s delivery inspires the audience into action and allows them to walk away with clear, concise implementation steps. If you are looking for someone to invigorate, create a vision for your group or organization, Peter is your best choice!
    Olenka Cullinan
    Founder of Rising Tycoons